Your time is valuable, and the work execution times are short. Contrariwise, you have no right to error.

That’s why every detail is important. The more effective you are in reading your data, the more profitable your time is.

This is our daily mission in TDR360: high-quality reflection products with a wide field of action (which reduces travelling time of topographic equipment). All these features at an unbeatable price since you buy directly from the manufacturer, without intermediary.

Several worldwide trademarks trust in TDR360 to work with the most accurate equipment on the market.

TDR360 sells its products since 2007 in several countries:

TDR360 vend ses produits depuis 2007 dans plusieurs pays :

  • Canada (Cansel and AbTech among others)
  • U.S.
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • And more!!
sphère réfléchissante

Topographical objectives made with your image

Even better, if you need large quantities or if you a retailer, it is possible to personalize targets with your logo, web site,… That way, you ensure that your name is on a quality product, what your costumers will distinguish quickly.

Innovations facilitating your topographic works.

Reflective survey target Mini Bullseye

Bullseye 360 ​​objective is a unique innovation, you can save time of displacement and positioning with a visible objective at 360 degrees and up to 500 meters away. This product is UV and weathering resistance.

In 2018 another innovation: scanner spheres, they are among the most resistant of the market. Besides, they are the best possible reflection. In addition, we propose you all accessories for use in any condition because your time is gold.

Trust in TDR360 surveying products for product that reflect all the time.

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