Drone survey target with a land surveyor by TDR360

What are drone survey targets?

Drone survey targets (also known as aerial targets) are the targets used when surveying with a drone. The big advantage of drone surveys is that it takes less time to perform than other surveying techniques since they can quickly cover large regions of land. In most cases, drone surveys can result in high-quality images and videos in a few hours.

How do drones identify survey targets?

In their bulbous noses, drones carry a variety of sensors that can include radar, infrared cameras for low-light situations, color, and black-and-white TV cameras, image intensifiers, and lasers for targeting. 

How accurate are drones for surveying?

Drone surveying accuracy can vary depending on the quality of the equipment (which can greatly vary). However, drone maps produced using high-quality equipment, meticulous planning during flight, GPS ground stations of commercial grade, and processing software of commercial grade may have an accuracy of about 2-3 cm horizontally and about 5-6 cm vertically.

What is the difference between drone survey targets and regular survey targets?

These drone survey targets offer excellent visibility and are compatible with all brands of 3D scanners and all brands of drones. These targets allow the linking of several station points. It is suitable for long-distance quarry surveys or drone surveys.

The TDR360 drone survey targets are printed with premium quality UV ink on a heavy-duty banner or a coroplast, depending on the model you choose. It does not fade or crack with the sun.

These drone survey targets exist in 2 colors, one of which is red for high visibility during your topographic surveys. They are water resistant, allowing for indoor or outdoor use.

They are equipped with 4 eyelets of 13 mm diameter to fix with nails or tent stakes.

It can be fixed with nails or glued with construction adhesive if necessary.

Drone surveying accuracy depends on the quality of the equipment

Because drone surveying accuracy depends on the quality of the equipment, one of the aspects of the equipment that is often overlooked is the quality of the drone survey targets. Here’s what you should be looking for if you want to make sure that you buy great drone survey targets to complement the rest of your equipment.

Here are the technical characteristics of the photogrammetric plate type target:

  • Composition: Ultra Resistant Banner / Coroplast
  • Panel Dimensions: 585mm x 585mm (23″ x 23″)
  • Choice of colors: black or red to best suit your work environment
  • Option to personalize them: format and design (Special orders by email).


Banner drone surevey target