3d scanner sphere – Laser scanner

3d scanner sphere – Laser scanner

93.93$100.41$ (USD)

  • 1 magnetic sphere with protective bag
  • 1 removable metallic base (90lbs / M6 thread) with stainless steel extension of 80mm
  • 1 metallic ring 30mm diameter, 5mm thickness for fixing using a screw or anchor
  • 1 fixing plate for metallic rings (100mm x 40mm x 5mm)
  • 1 metallic ring 30mm diameter, 5/8’’ thread for fixing on a tribrach or fixing plate
  • CAD
  • EUR
WOOCS v.2.3.1

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3d scanner sphere – Laser scanner 

3D scanner sphere 150mm (6 inch) or 200mm (8 inch) individual with protective bag including a set of fixtures for all surfaces such as a leveling base or fixing plate.

Case kit spheres 150mm our Case kit spheres 200mm also available.

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