The sticker target for 3d scanner – Laser scanner.

Dimensions :  100mm x 100mm (4″x 4″), 115mm x 115mm (4.5″x 4.5″) et 150mm x 150mm (6″x 6″)
Easy to install on any surface thanks to its adhesive side
Robust and durable
Each target has a sequential number for identification (T1000, T1001 …)

Design :

It is designed with a high-quality vinyl and is coated with a paint that is abrasion and UV resistance, performing up to more than 10 years. Its black and white tone have been studied to have the best possible performance in exterior and interior applications. Thus, you can save a lot of time, because they more visible for 3D scanning software. It is possible to personalize targets with your name, logo, web site, number of trademark …

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