Square targets for drones
High visibility target compatible with all brands of 3D Scanners and drones – Ultra Resistant Banner / Coroplast
This target allows the linking of several station points. It is suitable for long-distance quarry surveys or for drone surveys.

Printed with premium quality UV anchor on an ultra-resistant banner/coroplast 4mm. It does not change color or crack in the sun.

The target exists in 2 colors, red for high visibility during your topo surveys and black.

This surveying square target for drones is water resistant, allowing for indoor or outdoor use.

It is equipped with 4 eyelets of 13 mm diameter to fix with nails or tent pegs.

It can be glued, if necessary. Example: LePage PL PREMIUM MAX.

Each target has a sequential number for identification (T1000, T1001 …)
Technical characteristics of the photogrammetric plate target for drone surveying:

Material: Ultra Resistant Banner / Coroplast 4mm
Panel Dimensions: 585mm x 585mm (23″ x 23″)
Choice of colors black or red to better fit with your work environment
Sold in packs of 8 or 16 units