Retro Reflective target 360 degrees
The most accurate and practical target on the market

Easy installation
Innovative and ultra-performing
Reduce measuring time
Increase precision
Visible over 360 degrees up to 500 meters
Durable and reusable

The Bullseye 360 ​​is a high-precision, 360-degree, visible reflective target that serves as a landmark in surveying profession. It is used with a total station equipped with a sight without prism (direct reflex). Its structure is made of very robust plastic, resistant to all bad weather. It is coated with 3M high intensity prismatic reflective vinyl for optimal reflection. This vinyl has a reflection performance guaranteed up to 10 years. The ink used for printing is an UV industrial type, resistant to sunlight. This paint is resistant to abrasion.

All these material characteristics made this target ideal for any surveyor.

The set includes:

1 x Bullseye 360
1 x Anchoring
2 x Labels
2 x Screws